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Solutions for Businesses

Worried about the very real and increasing cyber security threat to your business?

Concerned about the security of IP or confidential data?

Do you need assistance identifying and preventing external and internal risks?

Do you have serious issues with staff or customers?

Do you think you may be a victim of fraud or internal theft?

Arrow Intelligence helps businesses to recognise, prevent, manage, investigate and re-mediate risks.

Such risks can arise from both physical and digital environments. They can be caused by 'bad actors', such as staff or management, suppliers, contractors, clients, and hackers in inadvertent or deliberate ways. 


Audit of existing policies and systems to ensure compliance with statutory and other requirements. Cyber Security Assessments including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Social Engineering Audits to help you assess risks to your business.


Training and consulting in risk recognition, management and prevention of cyber security and other risks.


Policies and procedures to guide and warn all stakeholders of their obligations to prevent and respond to risk.


Provision of surveillance or computer equipment and systems specialising in measures to reduce exposure and cost


Our skilled Australia-wide investigators and consultants cover WHS infringements, bullying and harassment or code of conduct breaches, fraud and theft, cyber security breaches, and insurance claims of all types.


Once an exposure is revealed we take steps to correct it and help you prevent further losses.


Ongoing maintenance, support and periodic reviews for all systems. documentation and training services.

Cyber Security Services

Businesses are quickly realising that virtual threats are as real as physical threats. Astute business owners understand the real risk of threats by bad actors such as hackers or even risk by third party vendors, or employees, whether accidental or deliberate. Cyber security events can lead to your business being crippled, it open for litigation, or even prosecution by government entities. Arrow's Cyber Security Assessment services help you understand, identify and mitigate cyber risks.

Arrow provides:

Vulnerability Assessments

Using tools to remotely identify and classify vulnerabilities. Client receives an automated report following the vulnerability assessment which is used as a basis for further discussion to help them prioritise and remedy most likely risks.

Penetration Testing

This is performed at the customers site(s) to exploit vulnerabilities found in a network or system, to determine whether unauthorised access or other malicious activity is possible, and identify which flaws pose a threat and the hierarchy of those threats. Arrow offers great discounts on penetration testing if the Client has completed the VA phase. The cost of penetration testing varies depending on number and location of client sites.

Full Cyber Security Assessments

A detailed assessment and report which not only covers, network, system and application vulnerabilities but also covers operational and physical security risks. Call us on 02 8279 2261 for full details.

Social Engineering Vulnerabilities
What is social engineering? In the context of information security social engineering is defined as the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

How do we test for social engineering vulnerabilities? Without going into too much detail we can testing  vulnerabilities through sending phishing or spear-phishing emails encouraging staff to click on a link, open a file or having them to reveal sensitive information. Call us on 02 8279 2261 for specifics.

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