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Machinery Claims

Arrow Intelligence has specialist operatives adept in investigating machinery claims. We understand the need for a rapid turnaround and provide you with constant updates so that the Insured and Broker can be informed of the current status.

A thorough background check is conducted as part of this service and all interviews are digitally recorded and can be transcribed upon request.

During the investigation we thoroughly investigate the circumstances, the Insured’s opportunity and motive, analyse and obtain proofs of purchase, service and repair documents, registration and licensing, test alibi evidence through interview and document analysis.

The report also includes the PAMV along with full details of any equipment or accessories are also obtained where relevant.

We also liaise with police, Local Area Commanders and repairers, and provide police with details of the interested insurer should the stolen vehicle be recovered.

We liaise with State Police Property Crime Squads and are familiar with current industry trends.

Arrow Intelligence provides you with regular updates throughout the lifecycle of the claim allowing you to make cost-effective decisions.

At the conclusion of the investigation the insurer is provided with a detailed report discussing all relevant aspects of the investigation, allowing you to make a fact-based decision on the claim and determine of the Insured had any involvement in the theft.

All matters are diarised and a 6 week follow up is conducted in the event that persons are attempting to sell the machinery or determine if the machinery has been recovered.